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Goat Girls

I like goats.  They’re super adorable and they have these super funky eyes.  I decided to draw some goat girls, hopefully more to come.  Both pen on paper.

Goat Girl 1

This was the first one I drew and didn’t use any kind of reference so it’s a little bit more exaggerated.  I think she turned out cute!

Goat Girl 2

This is the second one I did and I did use a reference picture of a face to go off of, so it ended up looking a little bit more realistic.  I really like how it turned out and I would like to do a painting of it.  That is, if I can convince myself to do it.


Finished Painting and More Ink Sketches

I finished the painting!  I’m going to try really hard to do a whole series of similar paintings.  It’s fun to use pen directly on the canvas and I love the drips of color off the bottom.  Simple and fairly fast to do, instant gratification.  Also, it’s fun to be a little messy.

My boys helping me take a picture of it.

I discovered an angry birds game to play directly off of chrome, and may or may not be playing that all day at work while taking calls instead of sketching, but I do have some more ink sketches from last week that are new.