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Crochet Pet Home (aka Crazy Cat Lady Crafts)

Pet house

I admit, I’m teetering on the edge of crazy cat lady.  There are probably only two things that keep me from finally falling into the abyss of fanatical feline fandom, and those are: 1.  I do not live alone/am not single  2.  Equally important, I have been told that only two cats are not enough to cross the line.

Now that I have my defense in place… let me tell you what I made!  A crochet house for my cats!

It involves very few tools:

  • Crochet hook
  • Yarn
  • Wire hangers
  • 2 needle nose pliers
  • Slightly loose screws in head

Create a large flat crochet circle, big enough for your cat to lay on.  To keep its shape, take apart a wire hanger and carefully bend it into a circle.  This is where those two needle nose pliers come in handy.  Use them to help twist to two ends of the circle together to complete the circle.  Attach the wire circle to the outside of the crochet circle by enveloping it in a row of stitches.  This is the bottom of the house.  To create the dome portion, crochet the same number of stitches as the outermost row of your circle.  I did about three rows to give it a slight lip at the bottom of the opening to the house.  Your next row won’t go all the way around, stop it at how wide you want your opening.  Continue on, slowly decreasing the number of stitches in each row to slowly start curving the dome in.  Eventually you want to start making the opening taper in as well by adding stitches onto the ends of your rows.  You should end up with a fairly floppy house.

Now it’s time to go tent style!  Grab another wire hanger and create two separate semi circles.  Slip them into the house crossing at the uppermost point of the “ceiling.”  I attached the ends to the base by twisting/hooking them around the wire circle.  Use some of the same yarn the house is made from to secure them to the ceiling, and about halfway down the walls to keep them from slipping out of place.  I ended up needing to use one more wire support for the back of the house that stopped at the ceiling and hooked into the ‘X’ of the other wire supports also secured at the middle and top with yarn.

It’s a pretty sturdy little thing.  The rabbit actually spends more time in it than the cats, but they like it too.  Here’s an awesome low quality video of Mustafa playing in it.  Lex likes to pounce on top of it and crush it, but it’s super easy to bend back into shape.

Am I a crazy cat lady, or is it just that I wanted to crochet but didn’t know what to make?  Perhaps a little bit of both my friend.


Soft Crochet Rug

soft crochet rug

One big reason I craft things is because I like to save money.  I see stuff on the interwebbz or at a store, and think, “I could make that for so much cheaper!”  This wasn’t really one of those times.  Now I’m sure you could totally do this on the cheap (use strips made out of burlap, old sheets, or t-shirts?), but I wasn’t really planning this and it just sort of happened.  I saw some really beautiful yarn that was on sale and so soft and decided to buy it, and I wanted a rug for the kitchen… so it sort of made sense?  But then I needed more yarn… Anyway, I needed the crochet practice 🙂

All I did was rows of double crochet stitches.

I added some grippy shelf liner on the bottom so that you wouldn’t slide all around.  It was attached with 9 little stitches at the corners and middles.  Shelf liner always reminds me of being a kid in the motor home with my family, where it was EVERYWHERE.

My cats really like to lay on it because of how soft it is.  Here’s Tawnya, being a cat.  See?

Crochet Belt

Crochet Belt

Why hello there!  Fancy meeting you here.

I’ve got a bunch of stuff to share, but rather than just giving you a huge photo dump of crafts, I’ll break it up over a couple of days.

My most recent finished project is a crochet belt.  I like to crochet, it’s pretty immediate gratification.  I’ve been playing around with it a bunch, trying to figure out how to make lace-like trim.  I haven’t figured that out yet, but I did make a pretty neat belt!

It really wasn’t too difficult to make, and I was even able to adjust the width of the waist on it a bit because I made it too long at first.  I just cut some off and carefully tied off the ends.


  • Yarn (I found some string at the dollar store)
  • Crochet hook
  • Needle and thread of similar color
  • Mindless TV as amusing distraction (optional, but helpful)

The belt is essentially made of 5 different pieces: the main bit, two pieces to make more finished looking ends, and two thinner strips for the tie.

The main part is pretty straight forward.  Start off with one row of single stitches, guestimating about how wide your waist is, and then making it a little bit longer than that just to give yourself some leeway.  You can always shorten it if you need to.  The next 4 rows are triple stitches.  Last row is just another single stitch row.  I like how the triple stitches give it such definitive texture.

The two pieces on the ends were made by crocheting 5 rows of single stitches, made just slightly longer than the width of the belt.  I attached these by sewing them on with a needle and thread.

Lastly, the ties.  They were a little bit more complicated, just because there was some subtracting of stitches involved, and I’m not all that confidant I did it right, but it looks okay, so we’ll just go with it.   While I was doing the first row I wove it through the main body of the belt at the same time, so there wasn’t any sewing involved.  It ended up being 5 stitches wide once I finished and it started with 10.

I bought some really pretty yarn and I have a gift card to buy some more once I figure out what I want to make, I’m so excited!  (Thanks Mommy!)