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Bridal Party Painting 3 of 4

Mermaid Painting

My absolutely favoritest sister requested a mermaid for her painting.  She’s convinced mermaids exist, so let’s not talk about it too much lest we disillusion her.  It was really fun playing with all the colors and I kind of want blue hair now, not gonna lie.  Only one more left!

10×10 Acrylic on Canvas (again)


Bridal Party Painting 1 of 4 and Sketch

I decided I was going to be crazy and do paintings for my bridal party.  So what if they won’t be getting them until months after the wedding?  I still have a couple deadlines though, because my friends refuse to stay in one place.  My bridesman Chris is moving to Japan in about two weeks, and Jamie is leaving in about two months.  This painting is for Jamie.  Hers was probably the easiest concept because I already knew I wanted to do something Batman related for her.  I should have done Chris’s first, since he’s going to be gone sooner, but I have no idea what to do for him yet.

10×10 acrylic on canvas

I have some silly placed pride on the way the edges turned out.

And just because I’m sharing some artwork, here’s something from my sketchbook that I liked.  Done with marker, pen, and pencil.

Sugar Skull Girl

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there, you don’t get enough credit for what you do!

Totally unrelated, I finished another painting.  Tawnya and I asked a friend of ours to be the photographer at the wedding for us, and she graciously accepted.  At first we were just going to pay her in beer, but after seeing a painting I had posted on here, she requested a painting as payment instead.  She hasn’t seen it yet, and I really hope she likes it.

I sketched out in pencil a picture of a girl first, then used pen to cross-hatch all the shadows.  The “Makeup” is just paint applied directly on top of the pen sketch.  I may use spray fixative next time on the ink drawing before putting paint on.  The ink got a little smeary, which was fine, just required more work being careful.  I’m a little sad the cross hatching under the paint smudged to just regular shading.


It’s pretty small, only 8 x 8, and I’m kind of considering doing paintings for my wedding party as their presents.  But then I think that it’s a totally insane idea with the wedding just barely over 2 weeks away… I don’t know how insane I am yet.

Picture of the picture and the picture

A picture of the painting and picture of a picture of the painting!  Was trying to match up the colors in Picasa.

Finished Painting and More Ink Sketches

I finished the painting!  I’m going to try really hard to do a whole series of similar paintings.  It’s fun to use pen directly on the canvas and I love the drips of color off the bottom.  Simple and fairly fast to do, instant gratification.  Also, it’s fun to be a little messy.

My boys helping me take a picture of it.

I discovered an angry birds game to play directly off of chrome, and may or may not be playing that all day at work while taking calls instead of sketching, but I do have some more ink sketches from last week that are new.

Painting in Process

I was really liking one of the pictures I was working off of for the sketches I posted a couple of days ago.  I thought it deserved to be a painting!  I’m still working on it but I wanted to share it just in case I end up ruining it by trying to do too much.

I did it a little bit differently than what I normally do, and I really like the immediacy of doing it this way.  I actually just did a pen sketch right on the canvas, and then went over some of the shadows and whites with acrylic.  The colors are also acrylic.