I Create Stuff Sometimes… and sometimes that includes creating a person

Through all the starts and stops of this blog, this is definitely the most dramatic!  But there’s nothing like pregnancy and the impending arrival of a little person joining the family to encourage you to dust off your keyboard and get back to chronicling your life and creations. I have some pretty high expectations that this particular creation will be one of my better ones, but we’ll just have to wait and see!



Ah, pregnancy.  There’s not much I can say about you that hasn’t already been said.  You’re making me tired, hungry, anxious, scared, excited, lazy, light-headed.  I’m almost to 23 weeks and I still can’t decided if I enjoy being pregnant or not.  It felt like it took forever to get to the point where I had a bump and could feel the baby moving, but I still have months to go, and yet I feel nowhere near ready for the arrival of the baby.

I do like the planning, though!  Pinterest is my current best friend and there are lists galore to make!  A baby registry, hospital bag checklist, to-do list, possible names, etc.  And all of the things to create.  Which brings me to the actual start of this post…


Starting a Pregnancy/Baby Book

Are you pregnant?  Or even just trying to get pregnant at this point?  Then I’d highly recommend starting a baby book!  Let that kiddo-in-making know your thoughts and emotions around them and how much they’re loved even just as an idea.

Your book could take many different forms.  You could make a physical scrap book or journal, or you might go the online route.  Use whatever media feels right to you.  I’m personally using Shutterfly (no affiliate link from me, I trust in your Google abilities), because it’s so much faster and easier for me to be able to just head to a website and make quick updates.  I don’t have to drag out a bunch of supplies and worry about cutting paper and pictures, etc.  I like that Shutterfly also has pre-built themes and pages with ideas already included, but I wanted to suggest some more that I plan on doing that weren’t part of the pre-made pregnancy book theme that I’m using:

  • Nicknames: Before knowing the sex of your baby, you probably won’t know the baby’s name and you and those around you will come up with a whole bunch of nicknames.  Let your baby know who’s calling them what!  I got pretty married to “Creeper.”  If you’ve had an ultra-sound yet, you’ll know exactly where this name came from (I’m telling you, pregnancy is the same beginning to many horror movie plotlines).
  • Movies/Books/Other things that you’re excited to see them experience: My wife and I watch a lot of kids movies already, and have started talking about which ones we think our son will end up enjoying the most.  Make some guesses about which things your kid will like and why!  Going to the zoo for the first time is another one we’re both really excited about.
  • What an awesome parent your spouse/SO/etc will be: Are you planning on raising your kid with a partner?  Tell your child all about what kind of parent that you think your partner will be.  I think it’s important that your kid knows what a healthy relationship looks like, and part of that is showing them the appreciation you have for your partner and the support they show to you.  Will you be a single parent?  That’s okay too!  Talk about the people in your life that will act as those pillars of support.  There’s no correct way to raise a baby and you got this!
  • Text conversations about the baby: I have had some pretty funny text conversations about the baby with friends and family.  Take some screen caps on  your phone and add those in!  Here’s a gem between my best friend and I that’s already made it in:

Hopefully that helps you get some ideas flowing!  I’d love to hear your ideas as well!  What did you end up putting in your pregnancy book?


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