Creating a Mini Vase from a Double Shotglass


I love having flowers in the home!  I especially love being able to just grab flowers from the yard or from walks.  Generally though, when I’m grabbing flowers from the “wild” I end up with pretty petite bouquet and struggle figuring out what to put them in.  (I’m told a small bouquet of flowers is actually called a “nosegay,” go figure!)  Today I found a solution for how to house them!


I was searching through our cupboards trying to find a glass that they wouldn’t look lost in.  Too small for a wine glass, definitely too small for a drinking glass.  Then I saw it and a light went off!  A Buffalo Bills double shot glass… it was the perfect size!  But c’mon, I don’t want my flowers to be seen living in some sports memorabilia, that’s not my thing (unless maybe it was a Portland Thorns shotglass).

Mini Vase Materials

I found a super easy and quick solution.  I can never figure out how to keep the bouquet together, but I had the genius idea of using masking tape.  Way easier than trying to use a rubber band and I knew it wouldn’t bee seen as long as it was low enough on the bouquet.  Then I covered the shotglass with some pretty scrapbook paper.

Mini Vase In Progress

Again, I turned to my good friend Ms. Masking Tape.  I put some on the inside edge of the paper, sticky side down in the above image, that way all I had to do was roll up the shotglass and laid the overlapping paper over the tape.

Mini Vase In Progress

Mini Vase In Progress

Once it was taped down, I just trimmed the excess.  For funsies I added a black ribbon to it too.  It probably would have looked better with some twine, but I couldn’t find any and the black ribbon was handy…  I never said I wasn’t lazy.

Cat Approved Mini VaseMini VaseShotglass Mini Vase


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