Bridal Party Painting 2 of 4

I will be the first to admit that I have almost no experience in doing landscapes.  My friend Chris requested Mt. Hood with a Japanese style sun in the background, however, and I attempted to tackle a landscape despite my reservations.  I was totally behind the idea and love how it incorporates Chris’s love for his homeplace (Portland) and where he wants to end up (Japan).

I finished just in time to hand it to him at his going away party.  Landscapes have definitely not taken away my love of portraits, but it was good practice, and, most importantly, Chris liked it.  It makes me happy to know it’s small enough that when my friend travels the world, he’ll be able to take a piece of home with him.  I hope that he’ll hang it up when he gets a place in Japan (which I know he will), and thinks of me.

Chris, when the time is right, I know you will conquer the world and find your place in it.


One comment

  1. Jane

    This is awesome!!! Very well done. I’m sure that Chris will always cherish this one of a kind painting. Aunt Jane

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