Vintage Digs and a Skirt Refashion

vintage skirt refashion


I finally got to do something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long while!  I hit up a bunch of vintage second hand stores in my area for some super fun shopping.  My accomplices and I (as pictured above), spent hours digging through clothing finding some super cool stuff.  It was pretty hot and exhausting, so we took a well deserved frozen yogurt break.

Ready to see my fabulous finds?  Okay!  Here we go:

These pants make me feel super sassy.  I love how I’m doing sexy-face and Tawnya is in the background shredding some cheese.  I had to have these pants after trying them on and seeing that waist.  High-waisted things, how I love thee.

Another high-waisted item?  Why yes, yes it is. I went back and forth a million times on whether I should get the skirt or not.  I loved loved loved the waist… but the length?  Promising myself I would sew it up to my satisfaction, I got it.  (Hat-not vintage but from the same shopping trip, shoes-Target, Shirt-Nordstrom)

Step 1: Try skirt on and give it a really close look.  What do you not like about it?

Well for one thing, it does this weird puffy thing in front giving me a cute pot belly, and my short-legs need a shorter length.

Step 2:  Turn inside out, put back on, and start pinning.  (Roll up the lining to deal with later).

No more pooch please.

Shorten the length.

Step 3: Turn the skirt right-side out again, and see how it look with the pins.  Looks decent, let’s sew!

I step away from the mirror for one minute and my cat goes diva on me.  “Oh Lex, you are so pretty yes I am.”  He did get a new collar, so maybe that’s what he was checking out.

Oh hey, the sewing is all done!

Much better, no?  I think so anyway.  🙂

Ready to hit the town

Also, I found these super cool vintage frames!  Right now they don’t have any lenses, but who knows what the future will hold for them.



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