semi-DIY wedding

I have now been married for a month a day!  As you know, I had been spending a lot of time working on things for the wedding.  I wanted to share a post showing how all the work came together.

The flowers (with some minor size variations) from my previous tutorial were used a LOT.  I ended up spray painting all of the flowers I made to match the colors for the wedding.

The bouquets turned out great, which was a huge relief.  I was super worried about them because the first time I tried to put them together I was really unhappy with them.  I had one of those crazy panicky moments where I felt like I was a huge failure and I was super stupid for trying to create them myself.

I ended up using styrofoam balls, and then cutting off the top 1/3 or so as the base.  I stabbed the flowers, along with some feathers and yarn pom poms (de ja vu?) that I had attached wire to into the styrofoam ball.  The “stem” part I created by hot gluing a wooden dowel to the bottom of the styrofoam.  I hot glued sticks all along the outside to hide the dowel, then wrapped it with some pretty lace.  The bottom of the white white styromfoam was showing through and was blaringly obvious to my eyes (even though you could only see it if you were under 3.5 ft), so I painted the bottom the same color blue as the big flowers for camouflage.

I used some of the smaller flowers to create the boutonnieres along with some more feathers.  Then I wrapped them in fabric that matched my dress, and created a two-tiered bow with blue ribbon.  Here’s my beautiful wife and brothers showing them off.

I don’t really have any good pictures of the centerpieces.  The reception space was pretty dark, but you can get the idea.  I attached my flowers to some pussy willow branches, stuck them in a vase and dumped in some dollar store rocks.  Then classed it up with some lace ribbon.  By this point I’m sure the only thing the guests care about as far as their tables is whether or not they have food and booze on them!

Now for the dresses!  I ALTERED MY WEDDING DRESS.  I was shaking, literally.  I had it in my lap and had the scissors in my hands and I was just praying that I’d be able to put it back together and make it look decent.  Here is a before shot, before the dress met my scissors:

The top picture is me trying on the dress and the bottom is from the David’s Bridal’s website.  It’s actually a bridesmaids dress.  I was getting really frustrated by the whole shopping for a dress thing.  It was honestly stressing me out a lot.  I felt like I was just playing dress up.  I look terrible in white, don’t really like pouf, or beading… I was a difficult client.  The lovely woman at David’s Bridal recommended checking out some of their bridesmaids dresses instead.  The combination of not actually being a wedding dress, and also not being hundreds of dollars, made me so much more comfortable.  I know, I was a head case.  Anyway, I digress.  I chopped up the neckline, and took away the sleeves.  I created a sweetheart neckline, and added some lace ribbon for straps.

For the bridesmaids, I was emphatic that they not have to spend a lot of money.  I ended up going with some jersey dresses from Old Navy that were just over $20 and just added little embellishments.  Apparently they don’t carry the same blue anymore, but this picture will give  you a good idea of how they looked before:

I created sashes out of fabric that matched the fabric of my dress, and inserted some lace on top of fabric for the deep v.

I was really excited to finally wear my shoes out too!

Aww, look at that cute couple.

It is such a huge relief to have it all done with, and I am so happy and thankful for how everything turned out.  So many friends and family members helped out and I cannot be grateful enough to them.



  1. Miranda

    Omg sweetie, you’re an inspiration!! I had no idea you were so crafty! Lol… Everything turned out beautifully, though not nearly as beautiful as the two of you! Congratulations again! XOXO

  2. keitorin

    Your wedding was beautiful, I can’t believe you did so much personal work on all these bits! Your dress was amazing, and it looks so much better after your alterations. I’m a little sad I couldn’t be in it, but was so glad I could be a part of it 🙂 ❤

  3. Veronica (Eris)

    Your wedding ideas are so inspiring. Love it all. I can not believe you altered your own wedding dress. That takes courage! Your flowers are wonderful and I will b doing my own versions of them. I am not really a fluffy, extra girlie with my tastes and I think this is a great balance. Congratulations !

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