Soft Crochet Rug

soft crochet rug

One big reason I craft things is because I like to save money.  I see stuff on the interwebbz or at a store, and think, “I could make that for so much cheaper!”  This wasn’t really one of those times.  Now I’m sure you could totally do this on the cheap (use strips made out of burlap, old sheets, or t-shirts?), but I wasn’t really planning this and it just sort of happened.  I saw some really beautiful yarn that was on sale and so soft and decided to buy it, and I wanted a rug for the kitchen… so it sort of made sense?  But then I needed more yarn… Anyway, I needed the crochet practice 🙂

All I did was rows of double crochet stitches.

I added some grippy shelf liner on the bottom so that you wouldn’t slide all around.  It was attached with 9 little stitches at the corners and middles.  Shelf liner always reminds me of being a kid in the motor home with my family, where it was EVERYWHERE.

My cats really like to lay on it because of how soft it is.  Here’s Tawnya, being a cat.  See?


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