Please help if you can, and spread the word!

Remember back when I made Batman pillows for my friend?  (They were pretty frackin’ sweet, so I’m sure you do remember)

Well, her mom has been having some health issues, and without having health insurance, it’s been pretty rough for her family.  Jamie, who is not only an amazing friend, is also an incredible daughter and has started a fundraiser to help her mom out.

I have never met her mom, but I can only imagine that Siobhan has to be pretty much the coolest person on Earth to have produced Jamie.  Because I can’t really speak of Siobhan, I’m going to talk about Jamie a little bit.

Jamie is going to be the maid of honor for my wedding.  She is currently working to get her masters at PSU.  Her ability to get things done amazes me to no end.  Not only is she going to school, but she’s also working, and has been the whole time I’ve known her.  In September, she is leaving to Ukraine for 27 months to work with the Peace Corps.  Yeah, I know, if she weren’t so cool I’d totally hate her just for doing all that and being the epitome of a good person who will eventually conquer the world.

Check out the fundraiser

Please donate if you can, and spread the word as much as possible!  Share on Facebook and where ever else you have a voice.


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