Paper Flowers 2.0

Paper Flowers 2.0

About time, right?


  • Scissors
  • Craft scissors
  • Floral wire
  • Hot glue gun
  • Book to cut up

Creating the Pieces

Paper Flowers 2

  1. Trim up your book page.  I like to cut all the margins off, that way there aren’t any weird blank spaces.
  2. Cut out a circle, this will become your flower center.  The easiest way to do it is just to cut a square and then cut out the corners.
  3. Cut a straight line into the center of the circle and create a smaller circle on the inside.
  4. Finish up your center.  Use the craft scissors along the outside edges and create a more pedal like shape out of the line going to the center.
  5. For the pedals, I like to use three sizes.  The skinniest pedals should be slightly longer than the distance between the inner circle to the outer circle of the flower center.  The next size up should be wider, and a little longer and so on.
  6. Grab your floral wire and cut about 6 inches off to use.  Bend one end into a tear shape, to help the flower grasp it.


Paper Flowers 21

  1. Tightly roll the flower center.
  2. Release it and make sure it holds its shape fairly well.  If not roll it again for good measure.
  3. Put a good sized dot of glue on the bottom inside corner of the flower center (the inside of the roll).  You’ll have to fight the paper a bit since it’s become fond of its new shape, but you show it who’s boss!  Place the tear shaped side of the floral wire on the glue spot and roll.  Keep rolling the center again, placing glue spots every so often until your center is sturdy.
  4. To add the pedals, put a spot of glue on the bottom and press pedal to the bottom of the flower.
  5. Shape your pedal.  Roll the top and corners in.  Repeat.  I usually do 6 of each size pedal.



  1. diaryofamadmama

    These are so cute. I wonder if newspaper would work well? I have tons of newspaper that I’ll have to try this with. I saw a paper flower wreath on Pinterest a while ago and I would like to try it out with your flower tutorial! 🙂 Thanks!

    • dosayit

      I bet it would work! I think it would make them look really soft. Be careful if you’re using hot glue though, it would be all the easier to burn yourself (I got away with only 2 burns so far).

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  4. Shannon

    Elmer’s has a glue stick called Elmer’s Extreme that is amazing that would work perfect for these I use on everything that calls for hot glue and it leaves no mess behind like hot glue

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