Paint Spatter Shoes

Paint Spatter Shoes

I purchased my wedding dress a couple of months ago and had my first fitting soon after, so I was in a bit of a hurry to find my shoes since you’re supposed to have your shoes by the fitting.  I dragged Tawnya out shoe shopping and I really couldn’t find anything I really loved or that would match our wedding colors.  I decided to just get a super simple shoe with the thought that I could always either paint it or adhere fabric to it later.

I finally had the brilliant (if I do say so myself, hold the applause) idea to do a paint spatter shoe, so I could incorporate our three colors and because I thought it would be relatively easy.  Which, surprisingly, it was.

Before and After


  • Pair of shoes ( I got mine from Payless for $19.99)
  • Spray paint color of choice
  • Painters tape (or masking tape if you don’t have that)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Gloss finish ModPodge
  • Sponge brush

Step 1:  Tape off the sections of the shoe that you do not want painted.  I taped off the inner portion and also the heel portion.  Try to make sure that the tape is adhering nice and tight against the shoe.  I taped the tissue paper that came with the shoe in the inside to help cover it.

Step 2:  Spray paint!  Let me just take a moment to say… I LOVE SPRAY PAINTING!   I may have gotten a little too into it and painted my hand a bit which also had my engagement ring on it…  It came off after a couple of days though 🙂

Step 3:  SPLATTER.  Mix acrylic paint with just a little bit of water.

Gurrrrlllll just go cray cray and fling that paint around.

I used orange and grey on top of my pretty blue base.  Wait for the paint to dry between doing colors if you don’t want them to mix together.  I didn’t wait quite long enough, but I’m happy with the slight blending.

Step 4:  After waiting for the paint to dry (I waited overnight.  I know, I was proud of me too) I put on two light coats of ModPodge that I watered down just a tad.  I applied it with a sponge brush, which seemed to work pretty well.

The glue created very slighthardlynoticible brush strokes, but I figured it’s better to be on the safe side and have a layer of protection for the paint.

Step 5:  Wait for the glue to dry.  It only took about 15 minutes for me.  And then you get to do the second most fun part and take off the tape to reveal your new fab shoe.

… And then clean up all the weird sticky gunk on the bottom that the shoe left…

FAB!!!!  I’m excited to wear these babies down the aisle, and I feel like my personality is perfectly expressed in them.



    • dosayit

      Thank you! If I were more patient with shopping, I probably could have found more comfortable shoes too… but I was too impatient to try to spray paint them!

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