Time to Play Catch Up!

My family was recently in town for about a month and a half, so I was spending a lot of time hanging out with them and having all sorts of fun, but not as much time crafting.

To make up for it, at least in part I hope, I’m going to post a bunch of stuff today!

I’ve been really excited to try out this technique for transferring a photo onto a canvas for awhile.  I found an awesome tutorial and was super excited to start.

I grabbed our picture we used for our Save The Dates and an 8 x 8 canvas and gel medium and dove right in.

And realized I made a big mistake.  Before I get into what I did wrong, here’s the tutorial I was using.  It’s funny because after I did it wrong, they added an update a few days later.  (I LOVE their blog, btw and I will definitely try to do this technique the right way sometime soon! It was not the fault of the tutorial by any means.)

If you don’t click to the tutorial, the basic idea is that you take a picture, place it face down on a canvas that’s been covered with gel medium, let it dry, and then peel off all of the paper and you’re left with a lovely mirror image of your photo on canvas.  The picture I was using was totally the wrong type of picture to use for this technique.  It was on high quality photo paper.  As I was trying to peel the paper off of the back I noticed that it was pretty resistant to being dampened.  Then when I got to the point where I could actually start seeing the picture, I realized that the front of the photo had a weird plasticky finish, like a plastic bag.  It ended up just stretching and I tore a hole in the photo.  I figured out that it wasn’t going to work and went to plan B… which was to wing it!  I peeled the photo off the canvas, which luckily came off without damaging the photo further, and then glued it back on right side facing out.

Well that’s cool.  I’ve got a photo on a canvas!  Voila!  Except Tawnya’s head has that nuisance of a hole in it.  The picture stayed like this for at least a week before I decided to just go for it…  I couldn’t really make it any worse.  Around this same time I was trying to find a way of making your own sealant for furniture.  I wasn’t so successful using my googlefu, but I did stumble on a bunch of ways to make glue out of flour and water and that a lot of people use it to make paper mache.  So why not dunk some paper in a glue and flour mixture and slap it on the picture to create some interesting texture?

I was a little disappointed to find that the flour/water glue was NOT translucent.  My solution was to paint on top of the paper and all the glue spots to mimic how the photo looked.

Kind of interesting, right?  I also got a glue gun (Whoo!!  So fun!!) and decided I better use it.  Sooooo of course I just started gluing stuff all over the picture.

Once I started gluing stuff I had a hard time stopping, I’m not gonna lie.  It was good practice for making those paper flowers though, and I think it’s going to help me figure out how to incorporate my style (more antique-y?) and Tawnya’s (more industrial?) for wedding decorations.

Fancy divider!

I’m going to show you some unfinished stuff too, because I’m not sure when they will be finished, and I’m impatient to share!

I found this sad ugly bookshelf by the dumpster in my apt complex.  It called to me.  It NEEDED me.  Tawnya disagreed, but I’m not very good at listening.  I stripped off the decrepit plastic trim stuff and painted it a pretty blue (paint leftover from my bookshelf).  I’m kind of stuck now.  It probably needs to be sealed to make sure the paint doesn’t scratch off, and I need to figure out what to put in place of the plastic trim.  What I would really like to do is get some wood contact paper, and cut designs out of it too.  Any thoughts?  I just hope it’s not too expensive, so far I’ve only spent $2 on these shelves (foam brushes and sand paper from The Dollar Store).

As for my second unfinished project… remember when I was talking about using origami stars as wedding decorations?  Well I’ve taken the idea a step further, and I’m super excited about these.  I think I’ve worked out all the kinks and am ready to make one for real.  Here’s a sneak peak at what I’m going to do:

I carved a stamp from a rubber eraser to decorate the sides, and I figured out how to punch some holes into the stars using a hole punch.  I’ll hang them from the ceiling and put an LED light in them so that they’ll glow all pretty.  As soon as I make a real one (the above is practice, it doesn’t count) I’ll share it.  I ordered some really pretty blue paper for it.

Last thing to add.  Something a little bit different.  I’m taking a break from doing origami at work and was doing some sketches over the last couple of days to keep myself occupied between calls.

When I say they’re little sketches, I mean little.  Here’s a size comparison of them with a quarter.  I don’t know why I have such a hard time drawing things big.



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