iPad Wall Hanger

I keep running into this problem.  I like to craft while watching TV, or more specifically at this moment in time, Battlestar Galactica.  Fiancee likes to take the TV and watch sports.  Usually I give up on being crafty and just play what I want to watch on my iPad and veg next to Fiancee.  This, unfortunately, requires using my hands to hold the iPad while I watch it.  Thus, I have no hands free to craft with.

I came up with a brilliant solution, you may hold the applause until later.  I created an iPad Hanger that I didn’t have to spend any money on creating.  All it requires is:

  • Stick
  • 2 Picture hanging hooks
  • 2 Nails
  • Hammer
  • iPad to hang (with case)
  • Surface to pound on

The biggest problem I encountered was an overly enthusiastic helper who really liked my stick.

Meet Mustafa.  He’s our newest edition and he’s the stupidest looking cat ever.  He’s awesome.

Really, all you’re doing is hanging the stick.  Make sure it is thick enough to support the weight of the iPad.

I used my hammer to bend the picture hanger thingers to contour around the stick a bit more to make sure it wouldn’t go any which way it pleased.

And it’s as simple as slipping the front flap portion of the cover between the stick and the wall.

My dining room table turned craft table turned into prime Battlestar Galactica watching station.

Also, check out my literary pin up calender hanging next to the iPad.  You’re pretty jealous, I can tell.


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