Eraser turned stamp

I’m really dedicated to making as many things as possible for my wedding myself to give it a totally personal feel.  I actually have just over a year before the big day, but I figure if I start now I won’t have any Bridezilla worthy freak outs later down the road.

I drew inspiration from Indian henna designs for this stamp.  I just love how they seem to marry organic and geometric so you end up with something that is both beautiful and strong looking.

I stayed up way past my bedtime last night working on this sucker.  As Tawnya calls it “my zone,” when she knows once I start there is no distracting me and I’ll ignore everything else I need to do.  Who knew it took so long to carve such a tiny surface?  I’m sure it didn’t help that I carved the other side first, and then realized I had forgotten to do mirror image so that the letters would be in the correct direction once it was stamped (trial and error!)

I like the imperfections in it and I was super happy that I was able to put in that amount of detail.  I’m not sure I’ll end up using it though, because I was going for a more abstract flower and this ended up being more in-your-face flower, which isn’t really Tawnya’s and my style.  Awesome practice though, and I got a set of 3 erasers at the dollar store, so I don’t feel bad having to go through a couple of attempts.  And, you can use both sides of them so really, it’s like 6 potential stamps!

I used an x-acto knife to carve, and I’m thinking it might go faster with an actual carving tool which is kind of what I was expecting anyway, but I wanted to see if it were feasible to not have to buy one.  I think what I’ll end up doing is just buying a carving tip without the handle which should save me some dinero.



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