Paper Flowers 1.0

I’m getting married in a little bit over a year, and I spent a ridiculous amount of money on my caterer and venue, so I’m trying to spend as little money as possible on everything else.  I’ve convinced myself that I don’t need to buy flowers, a cake, or decorations and that I’ll be able to make all of these things myself.  We’ll see how that ends up. (Update: Check out how my part DIY wedding turned out!)

I really want to use book pages in my wedding, and I love the idea of making flowers out of book pages.  We will call this Paper Flowers 1.0 since I’m sure I’ll keep tweaking it.

To create these flowers you will need:

  • Book page
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Craft scissors (I used the wave pattern)
  • Stamp pad
Step 1:  Get all of your shapes assembled.  Rip out a book page and cut out a circle shape with your craft scissors.
Still using your craft scissors, create a spiral with the circle.
Cut out your outer petals (I used 7) and shape the outside edges with the crafting scissors.
Step 2:  Color the outside edges of your shapes with your ink pad.  Conversely, I’m sure you could paint the outer edges with an actual paint brush and paint.  I tried to make it darkest on the very edge and fade as it goes down.
Step 3:  Start the center of the flower with your spiral.  Roll up the spiral upon itself as tight as you can, then release it to let it relax and you’ll be left with your inner flower.  Glue the end on.
To make it look a little more natural, I scrunched the bottom a bunch to create some ripples.  To make it extra secure, I made a small lake of glue and set the inner flower on it.
At this point it’d probably be a good idea to let this dry most of the way before trying to attach on your petals.  I didn’t, it was dicey.
Step 4:  Shape and then attach your petals.  Curl the outer edge by rolling it around a Q-tip or something similar.
With the inner side of the petal, fold in both edges a bit.
Put a dollop of glue on the bottom of the petal and attach it to the spiral.  Keep gluing the petals on one at a time, rotating the flower as you go so they each overlap a tiny bit.
I really like they way they turned out!  A kitten that I’m babysitting decided to make a guest appearance and show his love for them too.  Isn’t he a cutie?  I’m not sure I’ll be able to give him back!


Check out a more recent post!  New and improved paper flowers!

Paper Flowers 2.0

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